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And so here I am, 31 years in the making,
What appears to be a life for the taking.
So well do I hide my soul that is aching,
These invisible scars, I wear them with pride,
Gather them along for the ride for this life,
It’s just a never-ending training session,
Crashing with others for some type of connection.

Yet everywhere I turn I see nothing but fake smiles.
Although it’s been a while I’ve witness something worthwhile.
Instead we’ve got fellow brothers and sisters, mothers and misters trying to Trump one another.
We educate, trying to get stronger,
While that human cancer simply gets stronger with that hateful armor.

Bring down a brother or sister of color, hail the shooter, bravo!
Yet, who remembers unsung heroes like Tale-Yax?
Shout out to you, Hugo Alfredo, no tengas miedo. I’ve got your back.

31 years of stare downs, simply because I’m brown.
Don’t you people see we’ve got the same blood running through our veins?
So why do you speak about us with disgust as if we’re some vicious stain?

How can we let the Bannons, Trumps, Pence and McConnells use the power of the pen
To silence us with violence, dump and throw our dignity right over the fence?

These chains echoing our pains, resonating through our bloody veins.
Like a titanic train, ready to reign over our names.

So to answer your question my dear mother,
I’ll tell you to forget it and not bother.
To be a father, I simply don’t want that honor.
Because the world we stand on, it’s filled with too much dishonor.

Read the sorrow-filled lines between my brown colored eyes.
I’ve witness too much to want to desire my very own baby cries.

Instead I’ll ride all through the night, like a knight, with my pen as my knife.

Maybe someday, somewhere, we’ll no longer have to fight.


-Rennis Nekasrof

I’m pretty sure John McCain was tossing and turning in his bed last night, unable to sleep. Echoes of “Arab,” “Terrorist,” and the infamous line, “Off with his head,” ran across his mind. I sincerely hope he was sitting on the edge of his bed, his eyes gazing at the floor, thinking to himself, “This isn’t what I wanted. I want to win, but not like this.”

It’s not news when we hear the McCain-Palin ticket falling further and further behind from the leading Obama-Biden ticket. What’s concerning though, is that the Republican rallies are getting angrier and raw, with infuriating citizens who simply can’t grasp the fact that their candidate is trailing and most likely, will loose the race. Although the price is ultimately the White House with the responsibility to turn the United States’ image around, calm the economic downturn, and improve on their foreign policies, why are these rough and raw crowds showing signs of hatred, bigotry, and in some cases, a repulsive image of United States citizens who seem to be nothing more than out-of-control hooligans?

Uninformed. These crowds don’t have time, or won’t make the time to read and inform themselves. That does not mean to read or listen to one specific source, and decided that’s the truth. To be informed means to listen to all points of views, and decide for yourself base on the fact. On a recent rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin a woman told McCain, “I don’t trust Obama. I’ve read about him. He’s an Arab.”

Obama? An Arab? Who can possibly state such a baseless and simply stupid comment? Rush Limbaugh of all people. Listen carefully. Rush Limbaugh, the idiot who mocked Michael J. Fox not too long ago. The moron who should be taken off the air, along with all his mindless listeners.

Obama is NOT an Arab. He’s a United States Citizen. John McCain did the right and honorable thing in telling the woman, “No, ma’am. He’s a decent, family man, a citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that’s what this campaign is all about.”

If that’s what his campaign is really about, then why is Sarah Palin feeding these starved crowds with lies, rumors and deception which send them screaming their desire to see John McCain “kill him.”?

The race is getting uglier. There’s no denying that.  But it doesn’t have to be this way. I hope that on early morning hours of November 5, 2008, when John McCain gives his speech, admitting he’s lost, he says the following.

“My dear friends. I cannot begin to say how deeply sadden I am. I wanted the chance to change the course of the United States’ image, the country that I love so much. But I’m standing here, realizing I can still help that cause. I can still help steer the way in which we as American are heading. I’m standing here not to admit my defeat, but to tell all my fellow citizens, all members of this great nation who are willing to listen. Enough with the partisan mentality. Enough of our hunger for see the other political party fail. Enough. I’m standing here to gather  all our citizens and tell them that we have to support our next President of the United States. Barack Obama.”

And as he turns around, and begins to walk away from the stage, McCain will be joined by his wife as he asks himself, “Why did I lose?”

That’s an easy one, Senator McCain. You lost because of Palin, Karl Rove’s tactics, and your campaign manager Rick Davis. You lost because near the end, instead of focusing on the issues, you let your whole campaign run amok, trying to taint your opponent’s image. You lost because your campaign was un-American.


Just a few months ago, no one, except Alaskans and those in tuned with the Alaskan political circle, knew who on earth Sarah Palin was. Had Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Presidential Nomination, the name Sarah Palin would still be exactly that. Just a name. But Clinton did not win the nomination. And it’s because of this event that we as Americans now have to endure the possibility that this “Jane Doe” might be, unfortunately, the leader of the free world.

But who exactly is Sarah Palin? It’s not that difficult to figure that out, actually. Research. It’s what the internet is for.

Anne Kilkenny, a resident of Wasilla, Alaska, wrote a letter about how she viewed Sarah Palin. First of all, why is Anne Kilkenny’s view and opinion of Palin so important? Well, she knows her personally and what Anne Kilkenny has to say would most definitely open the eyes and minds those willing to listen.

Although mayor of a city with a dismal population of 5,000 for six years, most of the work of actually running the city was turned over to an administrator. Just 5 other states have a population of under 1 million. Palin was forced to hire an administrator after she had started firing high ranking officials simply because they did not fully support her. She even tried to ban books from the city’s library, but ended up backing away from her initial goal after residents began protesting. Upon the end of her second term as Mayor of Wasilla, Palin had raised the city’s debt from just about $1 million up to $25 million. Her administration then defended the spending increase as being caused by the rise in population in Wasilla, which is vaguely true. The city’s population did in fact rose, but only by about a thousand residents.

Much can be said about Palin’s political affiliation, views, and decisions as any political figure, including Barack Obama. After all, they’re politicians who have to walk the thin line between liberals and hardcore conservatives. It’s their way in which they answer a simple question that determines what kind of individuals they are, what goes through their minds, and what ideas and plans they have for the future of this country.

Which is why Katie Couric’s interview with the governor proves critical of who she really is. Palin confirmed what millions of Americans already knew: she’s not well experienced, she has no basic knowledge of American history, has no clear view on foreign policy, can’t complete a proper sentence much more than our current President can, is clearly a puppet controlled by the Republican party, and was chosen on the mere fact of her gender.

To have John McCain think that women would cast their votes in his favor only because he has a female as a running mate is an insult to both Hillary Clinton, and to every woman in this country getting ready to vote on November 4. To make matters worse, McCain will in fact get more votes from the core of the republican base which include Christians and women. All because he has Palin by his side.

image All prospect voters, should consider every aspect of all candidates before casting their votes. It’s unfortunate that even men of all ages will vote for Palin simply because they find her a “hot babe”. Just take a look at the debate between her and Biden. Who was the one who had intellectual answers and who was the one who tiptoed around them? Who was the one who showed that desire to help their political partner change the image of the U.S., and who was the one who kept blinking towards the camera, sending every man watching the debate running towards the bathroom with a white towel? Who was the one who kept calling herself and her candidate “mavericks”, and at the same time, questioning the morality of her opponent without answering questions about her own image? To say Sarah Palin won the debate against Joe Biden on the mere reason she didn’t made a fool out of herself, is like saying the Joker won the battle because Batman didn’t show up. (And no, I’m not calling Joe or Barack, Batman. Or Palin the Joker, for that matter.)

The Republican campaign, clearly out of ideas, have started a smear campaign against Obama. I do hope voters are smart enough and don’t fall for the GOP’s tactics and keep the rest of the Presidential race on issues and facts, rather than rumors and “personality”.

John McCain and Sarah Palin cannot blink and lie their way towards the White House. We cannot have two individuals who have their minds set on continuing what George Bush has done for the past 8 years, ultimately decimating the power that the U.S. once had. Talks of the war on terror taking a turn for the better, the surge working, or about John McCain’s imprisonment has got to stop.

We need change. And we need it now.

Despite computers slowly becoming an essential tool in today’s world, it’s been a while since I last sat in front of the screen, and surfed the net for my personal leisure. I distinctly remember when I was in my teens, I’d spend hours online, jumping from page to page, reading news, trivia, and history even. There was a reason why it was called “surfing the web.”

A couple of months ago, I finally succumbed to peer pressure, and registered a Facebook account. Once signed in, I quickly found a few of my high school buddies, which wasn’t hard at all since I knew their names. At first, I didn’t think much since I wasn’t finding out anything relatively new. We’ve kept in touch since high school, so there really wasn’t a major point to using Facebook. Besides, that’s what emails are for; to keep in touch.

But then I started thinking, wondering really. “What happened to the students I knew back in middle school?” For most people, middle school isn’t really that different from high school because most of the guys  and girls you knew there, eventually moved to high school with you. But with me, it was different.

I went to three different middle schools. Back then, in the late 1990’s, there were still a few elementary schools that still had 6th grade. In fact, I was one of the lucky ones to be a part of the very last 6th grade class of my grade school. Next, I was sent to the Ralph Waldo Emerson Middle School. It was this particular school that I was interested in since I only went there for my 7th grade school year.


Of course, Facebook doesn’t have an option to search friends from middle school. So I had to do a little research. I was able to find out that 8th graders that left Emerson, were able to go to three different high school: University High School, Hamilton High School, or Venice High.

With just a few names I remembered from back then, I started my search to bring back a little bit of that lost past. To my surprise, the names didn’t get me anywhere. I was almost done going through the class of 2004 (the year we all graduated), when I came across this profile. Could it be? I couldn’t remember his name, but his face was oh so familiar. Holy !@#$!

It was this dude I had P.E. with! I started reminiscing of the all the mornings we used to play basketball before school, during nutrition, and lunch. I remember being, along with this guy, the king of the courts, even if it was for just a little while. I remember during P.E., him and I were the top runners. No one could beat us during that 4th period P.E. class.

I finally have a chance to reminisce the old days, through him, and hopefully he’ll know where I can get in touch with the other members of that glorified court. Now, if only I could remember the name of that radiant piano player in my orchestra class. Jennifer something…