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Monthly Archives: April 2017

And so here I am, 31 years in the making,
What appears to be a life for the taking.
So well do I hide my soul that is aching,
These invisible scars, I wear them with pride,
Gather them along for the ride for this life,
It’s just a never-ending training session,
Crashing with others for some type of connection.

Yet everywhere I turn I see nothing but fake smiles.
Although it’s been a while I’ve witness something worthwhile.
Instead we’ve got fellow brothers and sisters, mothers and misters trying to Trump one another.
We educate, trying to get stronger,
While that human cancer simply gets stronger with that hateful armor.

Bring down a brother or sister of color, hail the shooter, bravo!
Yet, who remembers unsung heroes like Tale-Yax?
Shout out to you, Hugo Alfredo, no tengas miedo. I’ve got your back.

31 years of stare downs, simply because I’m brown.
Don’t you people see we’ve got the same blood running through our veins?
So why do you speak about us with disgust as if we’re some vicious stain?

How can we let the Bannons, Trumps, Pence and McConnells use the power of the pen
To silence us with violence, dump and throw our dignity right over the fence?

These chains echoing our pains, resonating through our bloody veins.
Like a titanic train, ready to reign over our names.

So to answer your question my dear mother,
I’ll tell you to forget it and not bother.
To be a father, I simply don’t want that honor.
Because the world we stand on, it’s filled with too much dishonor.

Read the sorrow-filled lines between my brown colored eyes.
I’ve witness too much to want to desire my very own baby cries.

Instead I’ll ride all through the night, like a knight, with my pen as my knife.

Maybe someday, somewhere, we’ll no longer have to fight.


-Rennis Nekasrof