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Somewhere down the line, as I was growing up, I began to question things. Simple things. Things like if God really did create heaven and Earth, why did he create all the other planets? Was Mars some other projects of his? Did he give up on Pluto, leaving us wondering whether it’s a planet or not? One particular question that pressed some non-existing buttons was the following: If people really do take the bible and interpret it as a verbatim account of what really happened, especially the book of Genesis, then how do you explain the dinosaurs?

Before I continue, I must say when it comes to religion, I do my best to stay away from it. Like politics, religion is a double-edge sword. If you agree with someone politically, you’ve created an ally. But if you disagree, then all bets are off. If I just claimed that I do my best to stay away from religion, why did I start this post with a religion standoff? The answer is simple. Religion is the sole foundation behind Proposition 8 that’s on the ballot with this year’s election.

Let’s get one thing straight. Those of us who oppose this proposition, are not automatically gay. I like the Beatles’ music, but does that mean I encourage the use of drugs, such as LSD? Of course not. Those of us who oppose this proposition simply believe it’s another way to discriminate individuals.

I was recently banned from a forum, (the name of the forum is irrelevant,) in which Prop. 8 came into debate. Some of the comments and replies on there are the reason for why this post came to be written. This proposition has no connection with same-sex marriage being taught at school as “being normal.” So why are these pundits behind this proposition stating facts that are incorrect? If you ask any of them, their first reason as to why they oppose same-sex marriage is the same, old excuse you hear all over the place. According to them, the bible “states” that marriage is solely between a man and a woman.

Could be, but not everyone lives with the bible dictating their every belief, which gives them no right to try and feed us their beliefs. If you believe marriage is a “sacred” union between man and woman, then so be it. But let the others make up their own mind.

Which brings me to another point. If marriage is “sacred,” as some conveniently put it, why is there a rise in divorce rate? Why are there individuals who marry two, three, four or even more times in their lifetime? If that’s sacred, then…..

Prop. 8, won’t pass. Even if it does, sooner or later, the courts will decide it’s unconstitutional. At some point in our history, interracial marriage was against the law. Eventually, enough of our voices were heard and the world, or most of it, was able to overcome that obstacle and continue our path to a more perfect harmony.

I’ve always believed people can choose what or what not to believe in. Every one has a mind of their own, and it’s our job to question things and come up with our own conclusion. When we do and they happen to contradict the rest of the general public’s, we expect our views and believes to be respected.


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